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Lithium Ion Batteries For Commercial Vehicle

ECO POWER GROUP produces and sells commercial vehicle lithium ion battery for different vehicles and application scenarios, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate battery solution.

Lithium Ion Batteries For Road Passenger Transport

Road Passenger Transport Solutions

ECO POWER GROUP provides lithium battery solutions for various scenarios, including urban public transportation, tourist passenger transportation, commuter, etc. Our backup power energy system are safe, reliable, durable and extremely cost-effective. We reduce cost of electric tourist vehicle power system for you and create comfortable and beautiful public transport image.
Lithium Ion Batteries For Urban Delivery

Urban Delivery Solutions

ECO POWER GROUP provides customers with safe, reliable and comprehensive battery solutions. Our traction batteries such as electric boat lithium ion battery, electric bus lithium ion battery, electric car power system can satisfy the requirements of light trucks, minibuses and vans and are widely used in various scenarios of urban delivery, such as express delivery, supermarket delivery, etc.
Lithium Ion Batteries For Heavy-duty Transport

Heavy-duty Transport Solutions

ECO POWER GROUP provides customers with heavy-duty transport solutions that satisfy the requirements of industrialization and electrification of transportation. We provide strong and clean electric heavy truck power system for heavy-duty vehicles and improve their operational efficiency.
Lithium Ion Batteries For Urban Street Cleaning

Urban Street Cleaning Solutions

ECO POWER GROUP provides customized solutions for a variety of street cleaning vehicles. The great safety and long life electric truck lithium ion battery from ECO POWER GROUP are suitable for a variety of vehicle types including electric washing and electric garbage trucks, etc.
Lithium Ion Batteries For Vessel

Vessel Solutions

​ECO POWER GROUP, a leading lifepo4 battery factory, provides customized battery product solutions for vessels. ECO POWER GROUP lithium ions battery power station have passed the latest testing guidelines of DNV and we can provide you with safe, reliable, green and environmental friendly energy.
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