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Lithium Ion Batteries For Road Passenger Transport

ECO POWER GROUP provides electric car lithium ion battery solutions for various scenarios, including urban public transportation, tourist passenger transportation, commuter, etc. Our backup power energy system are safe, reliable, durable and extremely cost-effective. We reduce cost of electric tourist vehicle power system for you and create comfortable and beautiful public transport image.

With the surge in environmental awareness and shift towards sustainable transport solutions around the world, governments are looking for cleaner and greener modes of transport. The electric bus market has emerged as an industry with great potential.


According to the latest data available, the electric bus market share is growing in different regions. in 2019, there are more than 420,000 electric buses in China. in 2022, the sales of electric buses in Europe stand at 10 per cent of the total sales of buses in Europe.

The strong growth of the global electric bus market is attributed to the continuous advancement in electric scooter lithium ion battery technology. In particular, electric car lithium ion battery, with their improving energy density and longer lifespan, enable electric buses to achieve longer ranges and faster charging times.

Compared with conventional buses, electric buses equiped with electric forklift lithium ion battery are powered by electricity, reducing reliance on petroleum fuels, and are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to operate.


ECO POWER can provide you with a more cost-effective road passenger transport solution by appling battery for electric car, which is a good choice for your green travelling.



Electric Education Bus (Asia)

2Nominal voltage(V)358.4V(40%SOC)
3Operating voltage(V)min180
5Nominal capacity (Ah)12025±2℃,1C
6Nominal energy (KWh)43kWh25±2℃,1C
7Group mode1P112SSerial and parallel schemes
8Cooling methodNatural  cooling
9Max. Charging current120A
10Max. Discharging current120APeak current: 300A/10s
11Cycle life3000 times25℃ RT