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Residential Energy Storage System(Generation I-Classic Model)

A residential energy storage system is an ideal solution for homes and businesses who want to take full advantage of renewable energy sources and reduce energy costs. The household energy storage system is capable of storing energy from solar panels and other sources, and releasing it when needed. This can provide backup power during outages, or reduce energy costs by shifting energy usage to times when electricity is cheaper. Residential battery energy storage systems are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and are a great way to ensure reliable, efficient, and cost-effective energy for your home or business.

Specs Of Residential Energy Storage System


Item Parameters
Nominal   Capacity(AH)10012072106
Charging   Voltage(V)54.7554.7554.654.6
Nominal   Voltage(V)484847.4548.36
Battery   System Configuration15 serial of LFP 3.2V100Ah cell15 serial of LFP 3.2V 120Ah cell 13 serial of NCM 3.65V 72Ah cell 13 serial 2 parallel of NCM 3.72V 53Ah cell 
Cut off   Discharge Voltage(V)37.537.536.436.4
Continuous   Discharging Current(A)10010072100
Continuous   Charging Current(A)50603653
Cycle Life @   80% Depth of Discharge(Cycle)>3000 times>3000 times>2000 times>2000 times
Dimensions   (WXDXH)(mm)516*570*268516*510*268516*422*178 516*482*178
Charge   Temperature(℃) 0~45 0~450~550~55
Discharge   Temperature(℃) ﹣25~55 ﹣25~55﹣30~55﹣30~55
Storage   Temperature(℃) ﹣25~55 ﹣25~55﹣25~25﹣25~25
Cooling MethodAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir Cooling

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