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Battery Cell
Prismatic high-capacity lithium-ion battery. The cathode material is lithium iron phosphate or ternary lithium, with long cycle life, high charge/discharge C-rate and high energy density.
Battery Module
Aluminum frame module for electric vehicle applications. Customized module with binding tape for energy storage. Standard VDA size modules for passenger vehicles.
Battery Pack
Standard battery packs for commercial vehicles. Standard battery packs with DNV certification for marine propulsion. Customized power systems for forklift applications ,etc.
Battery Energy Storage System
The basic unit of our energy system is power rack. Each power rack is usually configured with 48V100Ah or 48V200Ah. We also have air cooling battery cluster or liquid cooling battery cluster. At the system level, both outdoor containerized system and indoor stationary cabinet system are selectable.
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Why Buy Lithium Ion Battery From Eco Power?
Innovative Technology

As one of the leading lithium ion battery companies, we are not only able to provide professional eco power pack battery products, but more importantly, we can also collaborate with your team to provide customized product solutions according to your specific application and system structure. Our products provided by our li ion battery manufacturers have passed various of global safety tests, transportation certification tests, application certification tests, and our lithium ion manufacturer section has acquired ISO and TS16949 international quality system certification. No matter your application is for E-mobility, construction machinery, marine usage or backup power, etc., for all of them, we lithium ion battery producers can provide you with our best eco power lithium ion battery production solutions.

Accuracy Manufacturing

ECO POWER GROUP, one of the professional lithium ion battery companies, introduces fully automated production equipment, and each process is connected through MES system, establishing an intelligent lithium ion battery production line with high automation, informationization and traceability, dedicated to providing customers with excellent eco power pack battery products of high safety, high consistency and long cycle life, as well as competitive eco power battery price.

Quality Management
  • System Quality Assurance

  • Development Quality Assurance

  • Supplier Quality Assurance

  • Process Quality Assurance

  • Laboratory Capability

  • After Sales Quality Assurance

About Eco Power Group
Eco Power Pack Battery Group is a global lithium li ion battery company offering lithium li ion batteries, lithium battery energy storage systems and various eco power pack components to our customers around the whole world. One of our vision is to provide ecological and economical lithium ion battery production solutions for each customer. We lithium li ion battery supplier and manufacturer have various patents, advanced battery technologies and production capabilities based on prismatic lithium batteries. High energy density, high cycle life and high safety is major characteristic of our eco power pack battery product performance. All of the products will be under strictly inspection before been delivered to customers.
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