Eco Power Group
Eco Power Group

Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Solution

ECO POWER GROUP is committed to providing customers with cost-effective lithium-ion battery energy storage systems and customized solutions for container energy storage and home energy storage.

Lithium Ion Batteries For Power Generation

Energy Storage on Power Generation

ECO POWER GROUP uses electrochemical technology and renewable energy generation technology to form a joint system to provide energy storage and output management in power generation. ECO POWER GROUP's energy storage system can store solar and wind power, which can effectively optimize the fluctuation of new energy generation, reduce the impact of the grid and improve the accuracy of the power generation plan.
Lithium Ion Batteries For Power Transmission and Distribution

Energy Storage on Power Transmission and Distribution

ECO POWER GROUP's energy storage system is able to modulate the frequency and peak value with millisecond response, which can minimize the impact on the grid due to load fluctuation, improve the stability of the grid, and ensure the safe operation of the grid.
Lithium Ion Batteries For Power Consumption

Energy Storage on Power Consumption

ECO POWER GROUP's energy storage systems are widely used in the industrial, commercial and residential field. We can provide you with a peak-valley electricity price arbitrage mode and stable power quality management.