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Generation5-Battery Pack

The Generation5 lithium battery power pack is meticulously engineered using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. By choosing this polymer ion battery pack, you actively contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the planet.

Experience an impressive leap in energy efficiency with our Generation5 lithium polymer battery cell. Thanks to cutting-edge advancements in battery cell design and intelligent power management, you'll enjoy longer runtimes and optimized performance across various applications. From powering electric vehicles to storing renewable energy, this lithium battery power pack outperforms its predecessors in every aspect.

Versatility meets excellence in the Generation5 Battery Pack. It caters to a wide range of applications, including residential energy storage, industrial power backup, electric vehicles, and more. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your energy solutions according to your unique needs.

PS020509-153.6V173A(173AH1P48S) liquid-cooling lithium battery pack features a 1P48S configuration with a rated energy of 26.5kwh and a rated voltage of 153.6 V. Whether it's a reliable source of ...
PS020509-153.6V230A(230AH1P48S) is a 1-parallel and 48-series lithium battery liquid-cooling pack with reliable and vibration-resistant construction. With a rated energy of 35.328kwh and a rated volta...
PS020509-115.2V280A(280AH1P36S) liquid-cooling lithium battery pack features a 1P36S configuration with a rated voltage of 153.6V and a rated energy of 32.256kwh, which provides a stable and powerful ...
PS020509-115.2V304A(304AH1P36S) lithiumbattery pack is in 1P36S configuration, which consists of 1 parallel battery pack (1P) and 36 series battery packs (36S). The 35.02kwh energy rating of this lith...
PS020510-153.6V206A(206AH1P48S) lithium battery pack is engineered for versatility, accommodating a wide range of applications effortlessly. From powering electric vehicles to supporting industrial eq...
PS020510-115.2V277A(277AH1P36S) liquid-cooling lithium battery pack is engineered for versatility, catering to a wide spectrum of applications. From powering residential and commercial systems to supp...
PS050605-309.12V230A (230H1P96S) liquid-cooling lithium battery pack features a 1P96S configuration with a rated voltage of 309.12V and a rated energy of 71.1kwh.This kind of liquid-cooling lithium ba...
PS050605-212.52V280A(280H1P66S) delivers a 212.52V with a massive 59.51kwh energy, ensuring a stable and sustained power supply for a wide range of applications.PS050605-212.52V280A(280H1P66S) lithium battery pack co...
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