Eco Power Group
Eco Power Group


Service philosophy:

  • Customer-focused

  • Quality as fundamental

  • Human-oriented

Technical Help of Custom Lithium Ion Battery

Service Capability

Comprehensive Services

  • Pre-sales: full proof to design to ensure production

  • In-sales: comprehensive protection to quality assurance sales

  • After-sales: rapid response to service to promote development

Rapid Response

  • 1-3-5-7 customer feedback system

  • Provide feedback to customers in one day

  • Provide preliminary analysis to customers in three days

  • Provide complete analysis to customers in five days

  • Provide corrective actions to customers in seven days

24/48/72 after-sales service system

  • Face-to-face problem-solving in 24 hours within a 500-kilometer radius

  • Problem-solving in 48 hours in other internal regions

  • Problem-solving in 72 hours in abroad areas

  • Set oversea office for quickly respond 

Service Commitment

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Listen to customers

  • Rapid response system

  • On-site support service

After-sale Service of Different Types Of Lithium Ion Battery

After-sales Service Mode

Business: on-site maintenance, remote technical support, training authorization, spare parts sales, etc.

Mode: building external service network by training service agents, after-sales personnel of partners and sending out service engineers.

Sharing: sharing of each partner's after-sales network and comprehensive sharing of personnel, technology and resources.

Return Policy of Li Ion Batteries For Sale

Production Repair

1. On-site maintenance

The head office send technicians to customer's site to repair the product; the customer is required to prepare professional equipment, repaire toolings and relevant electrical accessories, as well as the relevant software for maintenance.

2. Remote maintenance

The customer is required to install remote assistant software and have a good network with high-definition camera equipment, as well as customer's professional staff to cooperate and provide relevant charging and discharging equipment.

3. Designated maintenance agent (authorized maintenance)

ECO POWER GROUP issues a letter of authorization, designated by the customer or the relevant company to repair.

Warranty Policy of Charging Lithium Ion Batteries In Series

Warranty Policy

Standard products - Warranty according to ECO POWER's standard warranty document

Non-standard products - Warranty according to the technical agreement and warranty agreement signed with ECO POWER

Shipping Info of Lithium Ion Battery

Smart Supply Chain

Digitalization from supply chain management, manufacturing, product transportation to delivery.

Research & Development

Simulation Analysis 1
Simulation Analysis 1
Simulation Analysis 2
Simulation Analysis 2
Simulation Analysis 3
Simulation Analysis 3
R&D System - PACK
R&D System - PACK