Eco Power Group
Eco Power Group


Eco Power offers batteries that are made with innovative technology, accuracy manufacturing and quality management.

About Eco Power Technology

Eco Power's batteries are designed to provide maximum performance, efficiency and long-term reliability. The innovative technology used to make the batteries is able to deliver maximum power output even in extreme conditions like high temperatures, heavy loads and frequent charge/discharge cycles. 

The accuracy manufacturing process ensures that quality and safety standards are always met. 

Lastly, Eco Power's Quality Management System ensures that all components used to make the batteries are of the highest quality and are free from defects. By buying from Eco Power, customers can be assured of getting a quality and reliable battery that will last for years to come.

Perfect Lithium Ion Battery Technology

Why Buy Lithium Ion Battery From Eco Power?

Innovative Technology
  • Diversification of products, a wide range of products.

  • Safe and reliable battery cells/modules/systems with complete certification.

  • Meet custom development projects and provide various customized solutions.

Accuracy Manufacturing
  • 100% Automation

  • Low Dew Point, High-cleanliness Production Environment

  • Over 2,856 production control points and traceability systems

  • Excellent supply assurance capability

Quality Management
  • Overall Quality Assurance

  • Overall Quality Risk Management

  • Overall Quality Assurance Flow

Supplier Qualification Process of Lithium Ion Battery

Supplier Qualification Process

Eco Power is a lithium-ion battery company that employs a rigorous supplier qualification process. This process involves evaluating suppliers and their capabilities, production processes and quality control systems. Through this process, Eco Power ensures that only the highest quality and reliable components are used in the manufacturing process.

Quality Organization and Function of Lithium Ion Battery

Quality Organization and Function

Eco Power has a dedicated quality organization which is responsible for ensuring that all components used to make the batteries meet their high standards for quality and safety. The quality organization is responsible for creating and implementing quality assurance processes and procedures, overseeing supplier qualification and performing regular audits. Their objective is to ensure that every battery produced meets Eco Power's rigorous standards and meets customer expectations.