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Lithium Ion Batteries For Urban Delivery

ECO POWER GROUP provides customers with safe, reliable and comprehensive battery solutions. Our traction batteries such as electric boat lithium ion battery, electric bus lithium ion battery, electric car power system can satisfy the requirements of light trucks, minibuses and vans and are widely used in various scenarios of urban delivery, such as express delivery, supermarket delivery, etc.

Governments around the world are facing problems of poor air quality and road congestion in urban areas. In response to this serious problem, various emission reduction programmes have been proposed, a key one being the use of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).


For urban distribution, as urban logistics emissions account for about 25% of urban transport emissions, countries are accelerating the electrification of urban distribution vehicles, such as electric AGVs, electric light trucks, electric minibuses, electric cars and electric vans.


With the increasing progress and improvement of lithium battery technology, lithium battery such as AGV lithium ion battery plays a key role in the electrification of vehicles, related to urban distribution due to their high capacity, wide range of permissible operating temperatures, long cycle life and high safety.


Bulgarian logistics vehicle battery system

2Nominal voltage(V)83.2(40%SOC)
3Operating voltage(V)min65
5Nominal capacity (Ah)17625±2℃,1C
6Nominal energy (KWh)51.2kWh25±2℃,1C
7Cooling methodNatural  cooling
8Max. Charging current88A
9Max. Discharging current176APeak current: 300A/10s
10Cycle life3000 times25℃ RT