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  • ss12xxxx 768v280a280ah1p240s
  • ss12xxxx 768v280a280ah1p240s


SS12XXXX-768V280A (280Ah1P240S) battery storage system consists of 240 cells connected in series with a rated energy of 215KWh, a rated voltage of 768V, and a rated capacity of 280Ah. This battery is mainly used for industrial and commercial energy storage, and it adopts an advanced liquid-cooling system, which ensures that it can provide long-lasting power support for your equipment and systems!

Product   ModelSS12XXXX-768V280A(280Ah1P240S)
AC Side Parameter
Rated   AC Power100KW
Max. AC Power120KW
Allowable Grid Voltage400Vac(-20%~+15%)
Allowable Grid Frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor0.99cap-0.99ind
Rated Input Current145A
Access Mode3P4W+PE
DC Side Parameter
Max. DC Power100KW
Rated Voltage768Vdc
DC Voltage Range648-876Vdc
Battery pack configuration1P48/43KWH
Battery system configuration1P240S
Max. DC192A
System Parameter
Dimension (W*H*D)1800*2500*1250mm
Protection LevelIP54
Allowable Ambient Temperature-20~50℃(above 45℃ derating)
Cooling ModeForced air cooling
Ambient Humidity0-95%(No condensation)
Operating Altitude2000m (More than 2000m derating)
Fire Protection ModeAerosol
Communication InterfacesRS485, Ethernet, CAN
Communication ProtocolModbus TCP/RTU

Industrial & Commercial ESS -- 100KW/215KWH Air-Cooled

1.High efficiency conversion

  • Intelligent temperature control system to improve system efficiency and battery cycle life.

  • Bi-directional current converter, charging with constant current, constant voltage and constant power modes.

  • Reduce the loss of parallel mismatch between battery clusters.

  • Avoiding the system risk caused by inter-cluster loop current

2.High-precision Intelligent

  • Satisfy smart grid design specifications

  • Electrical isolation, off-grid function, strong grid adaptability

  • Cloud technology support, remote maintenance and monitoring

  • Built-in management system, multiple operation modes, and support for independent operation of microgrids to improve profitability

3.Flexibility and simplicity

  • AC side PCS adopts modular design, easy to install and maintain.

  • Support multiple PCS AC parallel operation, the configuration scheme is more flexible.

  • Integrated transport, simple on-site construction

  • Data interaction visualisation

Application Scenarios

District power capacity expansion, Industrial and Commercial Enterprises & Data Centers &Industrial Park Energy Storage, Commercial Buildings, Large Industries, Mobile Energy Storage

Product Features

  • 215KWh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system, two-level battery management system, comprehensive digital LCD.

  • 100KW energy storage converter, wide voltage input range, equipped with grid voltage regulation, three-phase imbalance control, harmonic control and other systems.

  • IP54 protection grade outdoor cabinet, including water cooling unit, lighting, power distribution, fire protection and other accessories.

  • The energy management system includes a local dispatch management machine on the cloud platform to realize data acquisition of PCS and other related devices.



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