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  • ps050605 309 12v230a 230h1p96s
  • ps050605 309 12v230a 230h1p96s


PS050605-309.12V230A (230H1P96S) liquid-cooling lithium battery pack features a 1P96S configuration with a rated voltage of 309.12V and a rated energy of 71.1kwh.This kind of liquid-cooling lithium battery pack is versatile enough to meet the needs of a variety of applications. From powering residential and commercial systems to supporting remote communication stations, this battery will effortlessly meet your unique energy needs. You have the freedom to customise your energy solution to your specific needs.

1Nominal   voltage(V)309.12
2Operating   voltage(V)min240
4Cell Configuration1P96S
5Nominal   energy(KWh )71.125±2℃
6Nominal   capacity(Ah)23025±2℃
7Maximum   continuous charge current(A)23025±2℃
8Maximum   continuous discharge current(A)23025±2℃
9Shipping   consistency(mv)30Voltage   difference between cell <30mV
10SOC   operating range(%)20~100
11Insulation   requirements(MΩ)≥20500V   DC,High voltage output to   battery  shell, at the normal   temperature and humidity
12cooling methodLiquid cooling
13Shipping   capacity≈30%SOC   is consistency in the same batch
14Dimension   L (mm)2050
Dimension B (mm)640
Dimension H (mm)240

The PS050605-309.12V230A(230H1P96S)is currently assembled with 230Ah cells, and is a battery pack developed specifically for heavy vehicles such as heavy trucks and mining trucks. In terms of thermal management function, the tray is integrated with liquid cooling function at the same time, this design is also applicable to liquid heat function。

  • The battery box body using shallow aluminum profile liquid-cooled integrated box.

  • The battery is assembled in the form of a strap-on module-free design, which is firmly bonded to the aluminum case by means of a high-strength thermally conductive structural adhesive.

  • Designed with a master-slave BMS architecture, modular management can be achieved through additional configurable PDU components.

  • Standard with FPC sampling structure, and integrated fuse function, buffer arm structure, in order to achieve electrical, structural safety double insurance.

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