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The SC12XXXX-1000V 1MWh battery storage system is rated for up to 1MWh of energy.

In recent years, containerised battery storage has gained attention for its ability to provide scalable and versatile energy storage solutions. Our SC12XXXX-1000V1MWh) containerised energy storage system combines advanced technology and high performance batteries to provide a powerful and efficient energy storage solution in a convenient containerised form factor.



Nominal energy (KWh)5MWh3.35MWh1MWh
Nominal voltage(V)1460V1497.6V1000V
Dimension   (W*D*H)14.6*2.8*2.9m6*2.6*2.9m6*2.6*2.9m
Environment   temperature-20~55℃-20~55℃-20~55℃
Communication   agreementRS485/CAN/EthernetRS485/CAN/EthernetRS485/CAN/Ethernet
Cooling   methodAir CoolingLiquid CoolingAir   Cooling

Highly efficient integration

  • High degree of system integration, integrated battery system, AC system, temperature control system, fire system, data monitoring system, etc.

  • The integrated containerised energy storage system is designed for easy transport, simple construction and low installation costs.

Highly efficient conversion

  • Intelligent temperature control system improves system efficiency and battery cycle life.

  • Bi-directional current converter, charging with constant current, constant voltage and constant power modes.

Highly precise and intelligent

  • Satisfies smart grid design specifications

  • Integrated local controller to achieve unified scheduling management, stand-alone system can independently perform peak shaving and valley filling with PQ, VF, SVG and other functions to support the independent operation of the microgrid function

  • Outdoor design, protection grade IP54


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