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The SC12XXXX-1497.6V3.35MWh Battery Energy Storage System is rated at 3.35MWh and 1497.6V. Our SC12XXXX-1497.6V3.35MWh Containerised Energy Storage System combines advanced technology and high-performance batteries to provide a powerful and efficient energy storage solution in a convenient containerised form factor. solutions in a convenient containerised form factor.


Nominal energy (KWh)5MWh3.35MWh 1MWh
Nominal voltage(V)1460V 1497.6V 1000V
Dimension   (W*D*H)14.6*2.8*2.9m6*2.6*2.9m 6*2.6*2.9m
Weight56T 39T 20T
Environment   temperature -20~55 -20~55 -20~55
Communication   agreement RS485/CAN/Ethernet RS485/CAN/EthernetRS485/CAN/Ethernet
Cooling   methodAir CoolingLiquid CoolingAir   Cooling

Highly efficient integration

  • High degree of system integration, integrated battery system, AC system, temperature control system, fire system, data monitoring system, etc.

  • The integrated containerised energy storage system is designed for easy transport, simple construction and low installation costs.

Highly efficient conversion

  • Intelligent temperature control system improves system efficiency and battery cycle life.

  • Bi-directional current converter, charging with constant current, constant voltage and constant power modes.

Highly precise and intelligent

  • Satisfies smart grid design specifications

  • Integrated local controller to achieve unified scheduling management, stand-alone system can independently perform peak shaving and valley filling with PQ, VF, SVG and other functions to support the independent operation of the microgrid function

  • Outdoor design, protection grade IP54


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