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  • ps35xxxx 166


PS35XXXX-166.4V280A(280A1P52S)lithium battery pack features a 1P52S configuration with a rated energy of 46.592kwh and a rated voltage of 166.4V.This Li-ion battery pack is mainly used for commercial and industrial energy storage, and is designed to be portable and easy to integrate.


1Nominal voltage(V)153.6V166.4V
2Operating voltage(V)min129.6140.4T>0℃@cell 2.7V
3max175.2189.8VT>0℃@cell 3.65V
4Cell Configuration1P48S1P52S
5Nominal energy(KWh )43.00846.59225±2℃
7Nominal capacity(Ah)28025±2℃
8Maximum continuous charge   current(A)140
9Maximum continuous   discharge current(A)140
10Storage temperature(℃)Charge: 0~55°C
Discharge: -20~55°C

11SOC operating range(%)20~100
12Insulation requirements(MΩ)≥500500V   DC,High voltage output to   battery  shell, at the normal   temperature and humidity
13cooling methodLiquid cooling
14Shipping capacity≈30%SOC   is consistency in the same batch
15Dimension L (mm)10501145
Dimension   B (mm)810810
Dimension   H (mm)251251

Core Innovation

  • Energy efficiency ≥ 94%@0.5P room temperature

  • Standard modules, flexible system expansion

  • Small internal resistance, stable discharge

IP67-rated liquid-cooled battery insertion box, high energy density design

  • Efficient liquid-cooled temperature control: Liquid-cooled piping is integrated, optimised by thermal simulation and verified by actual measurement, with temperature difference ≤3℃.

  • High energy density: Highly integrated design solution, the energy density of the box is up to 137Wh/kg.

  • All-round safety: multiple electrical protection design, MSD to ensure safe operation and maintenance

  • High protection level: IP67 protection level design, excellent environmental adaptability, no risk of liquid leakage concerns.

  • High-standard process: full process flow tracking, multi-node quality control to ensure high-quality product delivery.

Intelligent control system to meet individual functional requirements

  • Peak and valley shaving: Charging and discharging are set in accordance with local peak and valley tariffs.

  • Load tracking/anti-backflow: monitoring the load status to achieve status tracking.

  • Transformer capacity protection: load + storage charging power < transformer capacity

  • Demand protection fixed value: storage charging power < set demand - load; when load > set demand, storage does not charge

  • Demand protection automatic: communication with the owner's third-party platform.

  • Third-party platform communication: Docking communication with the owner's third-party platform.

  • APP: can carry out revenue view, operation index monitoring and operation strategy remote control and other operations.

Triple fire protection design, high security (optional)

  • Cabinet-level flexible suppression tube fire: placed inside the battery cabinet, action temperature ≥ 110°C; perfluorohexanone agent, integrated physical cooling, chemical passivation and other fire extinguishing mechanisms, applicable to Class A, B and C fires.

  • PACK level fire protection (optional): PACK can be equipped with optional aerosols.

  • Cabinet water immersion fire fighting: Cabinet back reserved water fire fighting interface.

ClassificationCertification number
Battery CellGB/T 36276
UN 38.3
Battery PacksGB/T 36276
Battery ClusterGB/T 36276
Battery Management System (BMS)GB/T 34120
Energy Storage Converters (PCS)GB/T 34131
Energy Storage SystemsGB/T 2423.1/2/4/17

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