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Generation3-Battery Pack

Our Generation3 Battery Pack stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the way we harness and store energy.

At EcoPower Battery, we understand the critical role that battery power cell plays in powering various applications, from electric vehicles to renewable energy storage systems. With this understanding in mind, we have meticulously designed our Generation3 Battery Pack to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Built with precision and expertise, our cell battery pack boasts an unparalleled combination of efficiency, longevity, and power output. Each battery power cell within the pack is carefully selected and engineered to optimize energy density and discharge capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and extended product life.

The PS050605-193.2V100A (100AH1P60S) consists of 60 cells connected in series, with a rated energy of 19.32kwh and a rated voltage of 193.2V, and is a battery pack designed to meet the diverse demands...
Diving deep into the technical prowess of the PS050605-241.5V100A(100AH1P75S), you will be intrigued by its impressive voltage of 241.5V, offering substantial power for various applications. Boasting a capaci...
With a rated energy of 27.05kwh and a rated voltage of 270.48V, the PS050605-270.48V100A(100AH1P84S) offers a robust and stable power supply, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. Whethe...
With an energy rating of 28.98kwh, the PS050605-289.8V100A (100AH1P90S) lithium battery pack delivers outstanding performance and powerful, reliable power for a variety of applications. From renewable...
PS050605-154.56V125A (125AH1P48S) consists of 48 series-connected cells with a rated energy of 19.32kwh and a rated voltage of 154.56V. It is a battery pack designed to meet the various needs of moder...
PS050605-183.54V125A (125AH1P57S) is a 1-parallel 57-series lithium battery pack with reliable and vibration-resistant construction. The process is controllable, no over-welding to ensure no damage to...
PS050605-202.86V125A (125AH1P63S) consists of 63 cells connected in series with a rated voltage of 202.86 V. Compared to modules, the Li-Ion battery pack optimises energy distribution and improves eff...
The PS050605-222.18V battery boasts a voltage of 222.18V, making it an ideal power source for a wide range of devices and equipment. With a generous energy of 27.77kwh, it offers substantial energy st...
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