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Lithium Ion Batteries Hybrid Solutions

As the price of upstream lithium resources continues to rise, the cost of high-capacity batteries configured for pure electric vehicles is too high. Hybrid

Hybrid car configuration of the battery capacity is smaller, the development of hybrid cars will effectively reduce costs and increase profitability. Since 2021, the head of the car enterprises began to focus on the release of volume, hybrid market space gradually opened.

The principle of hybrid vehicles is to "cut peaks and fill valleys", diversify programmes, and keep the engine running in the high-efficiency range. PHEVs are predominantly electrically driven, in line with the general trend of vehicle electrification. HEVs are still predominantly oil-driven, but have higher fuel efficiency and thermal efficiency compared to traditional fuel models.


ECO POWER can provide you with a customised solution with different hybrid car battery voltage for your hybrid power system, reducing energy consumption and costs for you.

ECO POWER GROUP's lithium batteries matched with mainstream hybrid systems can provide you with instant, comprehensive and efficient energy to ensure your green travel.

  • Instant Strong Power

Advanced material technologies, such as ultra-fast conductive ionic material surface coating technology, enhance the conductivity of the material and improve the high-speed discharge capability.

  • Small Body, Great Energy

High energy density batteries can form a thin and light battery pack to meet the needs of hybrid electric vehicles. It saves you more space to make your travel more comfortable.


  • High Fuel-economizing Rate

Hybrid electric vehicles can reach a fuel consumption of 1.4 liters/100 km, with a fuel economy of up to 83%. This very economical and environmentally friendly driving is favorable to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

  • Ultra-long Service Life

ECO POWER GROUP batteries can be fully charged and discharged more than 25,000 times and the service life is as long as 20-30 years, saving you the cost of frequent battery replacement.