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ECO POWER successfully delivered and installed DNV certified electrical system for Norwegian electric ship

Norway is a pioneer in electric mobility on land, in the air and on water. By 2021, Norway already has a 41% global share in the number of electric vessels.

In 2015, Norway's first electric ferries began regular operations; in mid-2018, the Norwegian government passed a law declaring that only ferries and vessels with hybrid or battery-powered systems will be able to navigate the country's fjords from 2026 onwards. With the law, demand for electric boats in Norway has increased.


ECO POWER and electric boat company in Norwegian have a long-term partnership since 2021, and the latest set of DNV-certified marine battery systems was loaded on board in May.


The specific configuration is as follows:

4 sets of battery system per ship, 2 sets of battery system for port rudder, 2 sets of battery system for starboard rudder, 1A+3B+1C+1PDU per battery system, breakdown as follows:

* Pack A (LFP277Ah-1P24S): 4 pcs.

* Pack B (LFP277Ah-1P48S) : 12 pcs;

* Pack C (LFP277Ah-1P54S) : 4 pcs;

* PDU: 4 pcs;

* Shielded cable





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